HAVIT® HV-L670 In ear earphone




Frequency Response:20 Hz to 20000HZ

Plug Type:3.5 mm

Cord Length:Approx 1.2m

With microphone

Longueur de câble: :Approx 1.2m

With microphone

Longueur de câble: :Approx 1.2m

With microphone

Delicate aluminium alloy high light processed,all-dynamic equilibrium speaker

With in-line remote and Mic for voice chat , compatible with smartphone,computer,easy to carry

Clear upper range, rich medium range, in-ear cavity design, the high sound insulation capacity effectively decrease most sound leaking situation

Warning: Adjust headset to a proper volume. Loud volume may damage your ears. For your traffic safety, please do not use the headset while riding or while driving.


Product Description

HV-L670-PPT HV-L670-白底1 HV-L670-白底2 HV-L670-白底3