Dear HAVIT partners,

Due to the needs of Havit’s brand strategy development,we are going to enhance havit brand recognition, communication power, and havit overall brand image. After a series of researches and discussions, we have decided to upgrade the havit brand image.

  1. FromJune 1st,2021, we will launch the following new version of the havit brand logo, at the same time, the old version of the havit logo will be phased out.

2.A new packaging system will be launched gradually,and the new logo will be adopted for new products and related materials. Meanwhile, the goods already on sale and in use, the packaging materials ,and various media advertisements printed with original logo continue to be valid until it’s used up.(* Please check the attached detailed changes)

3.The regional agents, retails stores, e-commerce stores, self-media, etc.,whohave used the old version logo of havit,the old version logo should be replaced by the new version logo of havit brand.

4.The image wall, signboard, shop door head, poster, leaflet, exhibition frame and other image display materialswhich made by the regional agents and partners before June 1st,2021, can continue to be used with the old havit version logo.

5.After June 1st,2021, it is not allowed to use the old version havitlogo in the design. The design related to the new version of logo must refer to the havit visual identification specification manual for design, strictly follow the prescribed style, proportion, color, etc.,any irregular brand design and output is prohibited.

(* please check the attached the HAVIT visual identification specification manual )

During the transiton period of havit logo, the old and new logo have the same effect , legal rights and interests. If any inconvenient caused by the logo replacement, please forgive us, and we will do our best to complete the follow-up work. Thanks for your cooperation



Guangzhou Havit Technology Co.,Ltd

                                          28th May,2021