HAVIT® HV-H2003U 7.1USB Gaming headphone



Impedance:16Ω ±3

Sensitivity:116dB ± 3dB

Frequency Response:20 hz to 20khz


Operating Current: ≤30mA

Cord  Length:2.2m

Plug:stereo and usb


Cool appearance,simple and elegant

Beautiful without dazzle

Metal arms, metal headband lock buckle, full of  texture. Rubber oil finishing surface, wear-resistant, anti scraping and high-end

High magnetic 50 speaker, strong sounding quality, realistic game sound, accurate high and low frequency when listening to music

Memory foam combining with fully enclosed sound cavity design, fit for differernt headshape, ensures better sound-insulating effect and comfortable wearing for a long time

Suspend adjustable double beam,human engineering design,comfortable,anti violence,not easy to damage.Suitable for different people,weight is moderate,no sense of oppression with long time wearing

High sensitive microphone, is convenient for team communicating on the battlefield



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